Software Development

Software Development

Software plays an essential role in the world of business, with digital transformation continuing to affect every part of modern life. Whether you need to extend a popular application or develop an entirely new software solution, we help you to transform your existing services and reach out to a growing market of new consumers. Here at RetinaSol, we specialise in the design and development of custom software solutions for forward-thinking businesses. From simple mobile apps through to extensive software suites, our dedicated and highly trained team of professionals are here to help.

Consultation, prototyping, design

Our software development team has experience working with a number of different platforms. We understand the challenges involved with software development, from the initial stages of consultation and prototyping through to debugging and quality control. We secure, assess, and evaluate each project based on the needs of the client, with the proposed layout and core functionality presented and discussed before the prototyping phase begins.

Individual teams are dedicated to different parts of the development cycle, with the scope and flexibility of this approach giving us a unique advantage as we create custom solutions for a wide range of clients. Communication is central to our approach, as is detailed prototyping, testing, debugging, upgrades, and maintenance. Our software development process is iterative and highly refined, which allows us to discover problems early in the development cycle before they lead to problems down the track.

Quality assurance and testing

Early prototyping and internal test-runs are carried out by our quality assurance (QA) team, with functionality and features implemented and tested according to the needs of the client. A beta version is then shared, and a final version debugged and tested when the client is happy. The QA department ensures all bugs are eliminated, with internal and external testing both carried out before the software is compiled for the final version. We assist with the learning, working, and transitioning of all software products throughout the development cycle in order to ensure that deadlines are met and quality is never compromised.